Head Mounted Surveillance System

It’s so cheap and affordable even you can add it to your wish list :

The new DV ProFusion is a cost effective alternative to the DV Pro. It is a lightweight, mobile, body worn video and audio solution. DV ProFusion has a built in screen allowing for live viewing and instant playback. DV ProFusion is available in either 30GB hard drive capacity, which provides up to 100 hours of video or 100GB offering 450 hours of video, depending on sampling bit rate. DV ProFusion enables the user to keep both hands free whilst recording exactly what they see and hear themselves. DV ProFusion is specifically designed to work with a number of optional accessories, including an extendable pole and additional lens options.

While it’s very innovative idea, in five years the current models would look like the brick-size like Motorola cell phones you all know. I like the idea of storing the footage in the device compared to relying via air which makes me think of several scenarios for possible abuse or DoS attacks. In case you haven’t heard public CCTV cameras are getting a boost with built-in speakers, so perhaps at a later stage it would come to someone’s mind to include a speaker on the other side of the head too. Two clips to see it in action.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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