Shots from the Malicious Wild West – Sample Three

Keyloggers on demand, the so called zero day keyloggers ones created especially to be used in targeted attacks are something rather common these days. Among the many popular ones that remained in service and has been updated for over an year is The Rat! Keylogger. Here are some prices in virtual WMZ money concerning all of its versions :

The Rat! 7.0XP – 29 WMZ
The Rat! 6.0XP/6.1 – 22 WMZ
The Rat! 5.8XP – 15 WMZ
The Rat! 5.5XP – 13 WMZ
The Rat! 5.0XP – 9 WMZ
The Rat! 4.0XP – 8 WMZ
The Rat! 3.xx – 7 WMZ
The Rat! 2.xx – 6 WMZ

An automated translation of its features :

For the installation to the machines with the operating systems Windows xp, Windows 2000 and on their basis. Finale – apotheosis! Let us recall again, for which we love our rodent:
– the size of file- result is record small – 13 312 bytes in the nezapakovannom form (with the packing with use FSG, 6 793 bytes!).
– not it detektitsya as virus by antiviryami.
– it follows the buffer of exchange.
– the system of invisibility and circuit of fayervola.
– the fixation of pressure you klavish’ in the password windows and the console.
– the sending of lairs on e-mail, with the support to autentifikatsii RFC – 2554.
– the encoding of dump.
– tuning the time of activation and time of stoppage
– removal in the time indicated without it is trace and reloading.

Digital fingerprints will follow as soon as I finish bruteforcing the password protected archives.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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