Subconscious Search Monopoly Sentiments

And hey, that’s from someone attending the Microsoft MVP for N-th time :

I was invited to attend the Microsoft MVP Summit last week. If you want to know what the Summit is about or what a MS MVP is, Google is your friend.

Microsoft’s MVP is a great corporate citizenship tool, whereas empowering and crediting the individual on a wide scale compared to internal reputation benchmarking is an indirect use of the “act as an owner” management tactic — implement it. Supporting existing standarts — look up interoperability — benefits us all, reinventing the wheel without an unique vision besides ever increasing (projected) profit margins, wouldn’t even benefit the company in the long term.

If you truly want to disrupt, disrupt by first (legally) taking the advantage of using someone else’s already developed foundations to do so, the rest is attitude and hard to immitate competitive advantages. Good brainstorming questions in Anil’s post whatsoever.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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