CIA's "Upcoming" Black Ops Against Iran

Recent articles pointing out on a U.S President Bush’s clearance for CIA black operations against Iran, make it sound like it’s something the CIA haven’t been doing for decades already. Here’s an example of a spy thriller in real life on how the CIA helped U.S embassy workers escape the country unharmed during Iran’s revolution by using a fake sci-fi movie production as an excuse :

“He was stuck. For about a week, no one in Washington or Ottawa could invent a reason for anyone to be in Tehran. Then Mendez hit upon an unusual but strangely credible plan: He’d become Kevin Costa Harkins, an Irish film producer leading his preproduction crew through Iran to do some location scouting for a big-budget Hollywood epic. Mendez had contacts in Hollywood from past collaborations. (After all, they were in the same business of creating false realities.) And it wouldn’t be surprising, Mendez thought, that a handful of eccentrics from Tinseltown might be oblivious to the political situation in revolutionary Iran. The Iranian government, incredibly, was trying to encourage international business in the country. They needed the hard currency, and a film production could mean millions of US dollars.

Today’s active black ops doctrine isn’t hapenning without Iran taking notice of course :

Other Iranian Americans also have been prohibited from leaving Iran in recent months, including Parnaz Azima, a journalist for the U.S.-funded Radio Farda; Ali Shakeri, a founding board member of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding at the University of California, Irvine; and Kian Tajbakhsh, consultant working for George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Realizing the U.S’s inability to wage conventional war on yet another front — from a PR point of view not lack of capacity — the CIA is logically putting more efforts into undermining a religious regime where it hurts most – Iran’s overall isolation from the world’s economic markets and a fact with which no one from the international community is feeling comfortable with, namely, Iran’s continuing efforts to supply the enemiesHezbollah — of its enemies — the U.S — with technology and know how that was supposedly hard to acquire.

Capitalism has the power to undermine any regime except perhaps one whose foundations are purely religious such as with Islam, therefore dirty tricks like the ones fabricating evidence and making the average Iranian perceive its current rulers as a corrupt puppets of behind a power-driven vision, seems to be a way of destabilizing the regime. Another recent example of an unamed intelligence agency’s PSYOPS team aiming to a achieve a disorted media-echo by distributing false rumors and relying on that basis that there’s truth in every rumour, was that of Muammar Gaddafi’s coma speculations that quickly spread around the world. But what was the purpose of this hoax? Let’s clarify – to achieve a media echo effect abusing the mainstream media’s major weakness in respect to always trying to be the first to spread a ground breaking event. What did the colonel do once he found out he was in a come? Instead of ignoring, he fell victim into an even more well-thought of trap, and responded that the’ll sue the news agency that came up with the hoax, thus, achieving an even more sucessful media echo effect. If you want to destroy a regime, you destroy it from inside-to-outside, not the other way around and perhaps the key objective of this PSYOPS was to help the regime’s citizen’s envision a future without their leader, even for a few hours before the fact is once again on the front pages. Ingenious intelligence thinking.

PSYOPS and BLACKOPS intersect and these are among the many practial examples I pointed out in a previous post :

– your web sites spread messages of your enemies
sms messages and your voice mail say you’re about to lose the war
– your fancy military email account is inaccessible due to info-warriors utilizing the power of the masses, thus script kiddies to distract the attention
– you gain participation, thus support
– you feel like Johnny Mnemonic taking the elevator to pick up the 320 GB of R&D data when a guerilla info-warrior appears on the screen and wakes you up on your current stage of brainwashing
– starting from the basics that the only way to ruin a socialist type of government is to introduce its citizens to the joys of capitalism — it always works
hacktivism – traffic acquisition plus undermining confidence
– propaganda – North Korea is quite experienced
– self-serving news items, commissioned ones
– achieving Internet echo as a primary objective
– introducing biased exclusiveness
– stating primary objectives as facts that have already happened
– impersonation

Author: Dancho Danchev

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