MySpace Phishers Now Targeting Facebook

The “campaigners” behind the MySpace phishing attack which I briefly assessed in previous posts seem to have started targeting Facebook as well. Ryan Singel comments, and quotes me in a related article :

Hackers for the first time are targeting the popular social networking site Facebook with a phishing scam that harvests users’ login details and passwords. Some Facebook users checking their accounts Wednesday found odd postings of messages on their “wall” from one of their friends, saying: “lol i can’t believe these pics got posted…. it’s going to be BADDDD when her boyfriend sees these,” followed by what looks like a genuine Facebook link. But the link leads to a fake Facebook login page hosted on a Chinese .cn domain. The fake page actually logs the victims into Facebook, but also keeps a copy of their user names and passwords.

Compared to their previous MySpace phishing campaign that was also serving malware in between, this was was purely done for stealing accounting data of Facebook users only. And as we’re on a Facebook malicious campaigns topic, impersonating Facebook’s login or web presence from a blackhat SEO perspective to serve malware is always trendy. Take this fake facebook login subdomain serving malware for instance – ( redirects to which attempts to load where is the adware in this case – Adware:Win32/SmitFraud. And yet another one – ( whose once deobfuscated javascript attempts to load ( Spammy, yammy.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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