The FirePack Web Malware Exploitation Kit

In a typical tactical warfare from a marketing perspective, malicious parties are fighting for “hearth share” of their potential customers through active branding like the case with this malware kit. In a frontal competition attack aimed at IcePack, the authors of FirePack are pitching yet another “copycat” web exploitation malware kit for purchase at $3,000. Why a copycat anyway? Mainly because it lacks any major differentiation factors next to both, IcePack and MPack, except of course the different javascript obfuscation technique used. As in the majority of open source malware kits, their “modularity” namely easy for including new exploits and features within, is perhaps what makes assessing the impact of malware kits permanently outdated – a kit that you’re assessing today has already been improved and new functionalities added in between.

The business strategies applied for such a hefty amount of money, are the lack of transparency means added biased exclusiveness, in order to cash-out through high-profit margins while taking advantage of the emerging malware kits cash bubble. A bargain hunter will however look for the cheapest proposition from multiple sellers, or subconsiously ignore the existence of the kit until it leaks out, and turns into a commodity just like MPack and IcePack are nowadays.

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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