Ten Signs It's a Slow News Week

You know it’s a slow news week when you come across :

1. Articles starting that malware increased 450% during the last quarter – of course it’s supposed to increase given the automated polymorphism they’ve achieved thereby having anti virus vendors spend more money on infrastructure to analyze it

2. Articles starting that spam and malware attacks will increase and get more sophisticated – and the sun too, will continue expanding

3. Articles discussing a new malware spreading around instant messenging networks — psst they’re hundreds of them currently spreading

4. Articles discussing how signature based malware scanning is dead while an anti virus vendor’s ad is rotating on the right side of the article – it’s not dead it’s just getting bypassed as a reactive security measure by the bad guys

5. Articles commenting on an exploit code for a high risk vulnerability made it public — it’s been usually circulating around VIP underground forums weeks before it made to the mainstream media, with script kiddies leaking it to other script kiddies

6. Articles pointing out how phishers started targeting a specific company – they target them all automatically, so don’t take it personally if it’s your company getting targeted

7. Article emphasizing on how mobile malware will take over the world, despite that there no known outbreaks currently active in the wild – once mobile commerce stars taking place in full scale for sure

8. Articles pointing out that having a firewall and an updated anti virus software is important – in times when client side vulnerabilities are serving a new binary on the fly with quality assurance applied before the campaign is launched to make sure it will bypass the most popular firewalls, things are changing and so must your perspective on what’s important

9. Articles discussing which OS is the most secure one – the better configured one in terms of usability vs security, or the one where there’re no currently active bounties offered for vulnerabilities within

10. Articles mentioning that China is hosting the most malware in the world – and while China is hosting it, the U.S is operating the most malware C&Cs in the world

Author: Dancho Danchev

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