Phishers Backdooring Phishing Pages to Scam One Another

There seems to be no such thing as a free phishing page these days, with phishers scamming one another at an alarming rate according to a recently published research entitled “There is No Free Phish:An Analysis of “Free” and Live Phishing Kits“.

Cybercriminals attempting to scam other cybercriminals has been happening for years, with old school cases where backdoored malware tools such as crypters and binders are offered for free, or a newly released RAT whose client is in fact infected with a third-party malware. Realizing and definitely not enjoying the fact that the lowered entry barriers into cybercrime are empowering yesterday’s script kiddies will malware kits that used to be utilized by a set of people who invested time and money into the process several years ago, this unethical competitive practice is only going to get more common. Backdooring phishing pages is one thing, backdooring entire web malware exploitation kits, next to the possibility to remotely exploit a competitor’s command and control server is entirely another :

Taking a more strategic approach, a cybercriminal wanting to scam another cybercriminal would backdoor a highly expensive web malware exploitation kit, then start distributing it for free, and in fact, there have been numerous cases when such kits have been distributed in such a fraudulent manner. The result is a total outsourcing of the process of coming up with ways to infect hundreds of thousands of users though client side exploits embedded or SQL injected at legitimate sites, and basically collecting the final output – the stolen E-banking data and the botnet itself.

What’s to come in the long term? Why just backdoor the phishing page, when you can embedd it with a live exploit URL in an attempt to both, infect the cybercriminal about to use and obtain all of the already stolen virtual assets has has already stolen, and also, have a third-party maintain a blended attack campaign without even knowing it.

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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