Embassy of India in Spain Serving Malware

The very latest addition to the “embassies serving malware” series is the Indian Embassy in Spain/Embajada de la India en España (embajadaindia.com) which is currently iFrame-ED — original infection seems to have taken place two weeks ago — with three well known malicious domains.

Interestingly, the malicious attackers centralized the campaign by parking the three iFrames at the same IP, and since no efforts are put into diversifying the hosting locations, two of them have already been suspended. Let’s dissect the third, and the only currently active one. iFrames embedded at the embassy’s site:
msn-analytics .net/count.php?o=2
pinoc .org/count.php?o=2
wsxhost .net/count.php?o=2

wsxhost .net/count.php?o=2 ( redirects to /mito/?t=2 and then to /mito/?h=2e where the binary is served, a compete analysis of which has already been published. The rest of the malicious domains — registered to palfreycrossvw@gmail.com — parked at mito’s IP appear to have been participating in iFrame campaigns since August, 2008 :

google-analyze .cn
yahoo-analytics .net
google-analyze .org
qwehost .com
zxchost .com
odile-marco .com
edcomparison .com
fuadrenal .com
rx-white .com

As always, the embassy is iFramed “in between” the rest of the remotely injectable sites part of their campaigns. 

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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