Community-driven Revenue Sharing Scheme for CAPTCHA Breaking

What follows when a system that was originally created to be recognizable by humans only, gets undermined by low-waged humans or grassroots movements? Irony, with no chance of reincarnation. CAPTCHA is dead, humans killed it, not bots.

A new market entrant into the CAPTCHA-breaking economy, is proposing a novel approach that is not only going to result in a more efficient human-based CAPTCHA solving on a large scale, but is also going to generate additional revenues for webmasters and their site’s community members. The concept is fairly simple, since it’s mimicking reCAPTCHA’s core idea.

However, instead of digitizing books, the CAPTCHA entry field that any webmaster of an underground community, or a general site in particular that would like to syndicate CAPTCHAs from Web 2.0 web properties is free to do so on a revenue-sharing, or plain simple voluntary basis.

Consider for a moment the implications if such a project of they manage to execute it successfully. Starting from community-driven CAPTCHA breaking of Web 2.0 sites on basic forum registration fields using’s CAPTCHA for authenticating new/old users, the plain simple automatic rotation for idle community users, to the enforcement of CAPTCHA authentication for each and every new forum post/reply.

What happens with the successfully recognized CAPTCHAs? As usual, hundreds of thousands of bogus profiles will get automatically registered for the purpose of spam and malware spreading, or reselling purposes. The development of this service — if any — will be monitored and updates posted if it goes mainstream.

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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