Inside a DIY Image Spam Generating Traffic Management Kit

Whatever the spammer/pharma master or plain simple cybercriminal requires – the spamware vendors deliver so that a win-win-win scenario takes place for the buyer, the seller, and the enabler, in this case the affiliate network allowing image-based spam compared to Web 1.0’s link based performance measurement.

That’s the main objective of one of the very latest traffic management kit is once again quality assurance in the process of managing image-spam based campaigns.

Here’s a translated description of the traffic management kit:
As you know, now many pay per click networks offer within their ad scripts the so called graphic feeds.Any site allowing the use of the IMG tag can serve them, that includes popular free web based services. The problem so far has been the lack of quality measurement and optimization of this approach. 

This imposes severe restrictions on the ability to convert traffic to the resource, the automatic redirection of which is impossible. Our system allows you to allows you to create your own ads and send traffic to them to where you think they fit. 

How it works: you create a campaign with your own keywords, generate a random image, customize it, generate a link to the ad and paste it into the hosting site, or include it in your email campaigns. By doing this you’re able to add more interactivity in your campaigns and improve your click through rates.

Here’s a summary of the features we offer you:

– Create messages with random text and random design. Change ad size and font color, underline, and the selection, styles, font and alignment, frames – everything is set up. You can use any font that you want to – it’s completely up to you
– Manage design ads through profiles within the system, save your creativity
– Use of any image as the ads. This may be a screenshot of your pharmacy, banner, and even anything

– Combine different types of simple ads on the same page
– Create messages with any embedded images. For example (click on picture to see actual ad size)
– Use alternative keywords in the references (some of the resources do not allow to post links containing the names of pills and other banned words)
– Filter incoming traffic to the countries of the User-Agent, IP or range of IP

It’s important to emphasize on the fact that this is a DIY image-spam generating kit, in comparison, the much more efficient and again random image-spam generating service is offered by the sophisticated and experienced managed spam service providers who still prefer working with reputable and well known individuals, instead of going mainstream.

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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