PhotoArchive Crimeware/Client-Side Exploits Serving Campaign in the Wild

Pushdo/Cutwail’s customers, or perhaps the botnet masters themselves, continue rotating the malware campaigns, with the very latest one using a “Photo Archive #2070735” theme, and continuing to server client-side exploits hosted within crimeware-friendly networks it’s time we profile and expose.

Photo Archives Hosting describes itself as:
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– Sample URL: photoshock.MalwareDomain/id1073bv/get.php?email=
– Sample iFrame from this week’s campaign: /usasp22/in.php 
Sample iFrame from last week: 109.95.114 .251 /us01d/; /usasp/in.php 
Sample iFrame used two weeks ago: 109.95.114 .251/uks1/in.php
– Detection rate: PhotoArchive.exe (Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot); dropped file.exe (Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot)

Upon execution, it drops C:WINDOWSsystem32sdra64.exe; C:WINDOWSsystem32lowsecuser.ds.lll and phones back to the Zeus-crimeware serving: horosta .ru/cbd/nekovo.bri ; horosta .ru/ip.php – Email:

Who’s offering the hosting infrastructure for the actual domains/malware binaries and nameservers?
AS50215 (TROYAK-AS Starchenko Roman Fedorovich) – profiled here – VISHCLUB-as Kanyovskiy Andriy Yuriyovich
– – AS49934 – VVPN-AS PE Voronov Evgen Sergiyovich – VESTEH-NET-as Vesteh LLC

What’s worth pointing out is that “TROYAK-AS Starchenko Roman Fedorovich” is positioning itself as Ethernet,home,LAN,net,provider,ISP,Homenet provider at Just like the “Fake Web Hosting Provider – Front-end to Scareware Blackhat SEO Campaign at Blogspot” and “GazTranzitStroyInfo – a Fake Russian Gas Company Facilitating Cybercrime

All of the involved domains have already been blacklisted by the Zeus Tracker. However, with the campaigners at large, what’s TROYAK-AS today, will be yet another cybecrime-friendly AS tomorrow. 

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