The Current State of the Crimeware Threat

With Zeus crimeware infections reaching epidemic levels, two-factor authentication under fire, and the actual DIY (do-it-yourself) kit becoming more sophisticated, it’s time to reassess the situation by discussing the current and emerging crimeware trends.

What’s the current state of the crimeware threat? Just how vibrant is the underground marketplace when it comes to crimeware? What are ISPs doing, and should ISPs be doing to solve the problem? Does taking down a cybercrime-friendly ISP has any long term effects?

I asked Thorsten Holz, researcher at Vienna University of Technology, whose team not only participated in the recent takedown of the Waledac botnet, but released an interesting paper earlier this year, summarizing their findings based on 33GB of crimeware data obtained from active campaigns.

Go through the Q&A.

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