Dissecting the WordPress Blogs Compromise at Network Solutions

UPDATED: Network Solutions issued an update to the situation.

The folks at Sucuri Security have posted an update on the reemergence of  mass site compromises at Network Solutions, following last week’s WordPress attack.

What has changed since last week’s campaign? Several new domains were introduced, including new phone back locations, with the majority of new domains once again parked on the same IP as they were last week – – AS15244, LUNARPAGES proxy aut-num for Lunarpages by MZIMA.

The exploitation chain of the currently embedded domain is as follows:
corpadsinc.com/grep /?spl=3&br=MSIE&vers=7.0&s=
        – corpadsinc.com /grep/soc.php
            – corpadsinc.com /grep/load.php?spl=ActiveX_pack
                – corpadsinc.com /grep/load.php?spl=pdf_2020
                    – corpadsinc.com /grep/load.php?spl=javal
                        – corpadsinc.com /grep/j2_079.jar

Detection rates for some of the obtained exploits:
update.vbeVBS:Encrypted-gen; Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Agent.yw – Result: 11/40 (27.5%)
j2_079.jarExploit.Java.29; Exploit.Java.CVE-2009-3867.c; JAVA/Byteverify.O – Result: 5/40 (12.5%)

Responding to – AS15244, LUNARPAGES proxy aut-num for Lunarpages by MZIMA are also:
binglbalts.com – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net
corpadsinc.com – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net
fourkingssports.com – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net
networkads.net – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net
mainnetsoll.com – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net

Upon successful exploitation from corpadsinc.com the campaigns drops load.exeTrojan:Win32/Meredrop; Trojan.Win32.Sasfis.a (v) – Result: 7/40 (17.50%).

The sample load.exe also phones back to the following locations:
nonstopacc.com/tmp /bb.php?v=200&id=130306319&b=7231522200&tm=8 – – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net
nonstopacc.com/tmp /bb.php?v=200&id=130306319&tid=6&b=7231522200&r=1&tm=9 /blackout_dem.exe

Detection rate for blackout_dem.exeTrojan-Dropper – Result: 7/40 (17.5%) which phones back to mazcostrol.com/inst.php ?aid=blackout – – Email: alex1978a@bigmir.net.

Interestingly, the sample attempts to install a Firefox add-on in the following way:
%ProgramFiles%Mozilla Firefoxextensions{8CE11043-9A15-4207-A565-0C94C42D590D}chromecontenttimer.xulMD5: 963136ADAA2B1C823F6C0E355800CE02 Detected by different vendors as IRC/Flood.gen.h or TROJ_BUZUS.ZYX;

It’s also worth pointing out that the campaign’s admin panel is pointing to a third-party — cybercrime friendly IP that’s currently offline — corpadsinc.com/grep/stats.php -> HTTP/1.1 302 Found at, AS49981, WorldStream = Transit Imports = -CAIW.

The bottom line – although Network Solutions criticized the media last week, for blaming this on Network Solutions, or WordPress itself, the company should realize that for the sake of its reputation it should always use the following mentality – “protect the end user from himself” when offering any of its services.

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