Summarizing Webroot's Threat Blog Posts for March

The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at Webroot’s Threat Blog for March, 2013. You can subscribe to Webroot’s Threat Blog RSS Feed, or follow me on Twitter:

01. New DIY IRC-based DDoS bot spotted in the wild
02. Cybercriminals release new Java exploits centered exploit kit
03. Segmented Russian “spam leads” offered for sale
04. New DIY hacked email account content grabbing tool facilitates cyber espionage on a mass scale
05. New DIY unsigned malicious Java applet generating tool spotted in the wild
06. Commercial Steam ‘information harvester/mass group inviter’ could lead to targeted fraudulent campaigns
07. Fake BofA CashPro ‘Online Digital Certificate” themed emails lead to malware
08. Spamvertised BBB ‘Your Accreditation Terminated” themed emails lead to Black Hole Exploit Kit
09. New ZeuS source code based rootkit available for purchase on the underground market
10. Cybercriminals resume spamvertising ‘Re: Fwd: Wire Transfer’ themed emails, serve client-side exploits and malware
11. Cybercrime-friendly community branded HTTP/SMTP based keylogger spotted in the wild
12. Hacked PCs as ‘anonymization stepping-stones’ service operates in the open since 2004
13. Fake ‘CNN Breaking News Alerts’ themed emails lead to Black Hole Exploit Kit
14. Spotted: cybercriminals working on new Western Union based ‘money mule management’ script
15. Malicious ‘BBC Daily Email’ Cyprus bailout themed emails lead to Black Hole Exploit Kit
16. ‘ADP Payroll Invoice’ themed emails lead to malware
17. ‘Terminated Wire Transfer Notification/ACH File ID” themed malicious campaigns lead to Black Hole Exploit Kit
18. New DIY RDP-based botnet generating tool leaks in the wild
19. A peek inside the EgyPack Web malware exploitation kit

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev’s blog. Follow him on Twitter.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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