Summarizing Webroot's Threat Blog Posts for September

The following is a brief summary of all of my posts at Webroot’s Threat Blog for September, 2013. You can subscribe to Webroot’s Threat Blog RSS Feed, or follow me on Twitter:

01. DIY malicious Android APK generating ‘sensitive information stealer’ spotted in the wild
02. Scammers pop up in Android’s Calendar App
03. Web-based DNS amplification DDoS attack mode supporting PHP script spotted in the wild
04. Managed Malicious Java Applets Hosting Service Spotted in the Wild
05. Affiliate network for mobile malware impersonates Google Play, tricks users into installing premium-rate SMS sending rogue apps
06. 419 advance fee fraudsters abuse CNN’s ‘Email This’ Feature, spread Syrian Crisis themed scams
07. Cybercriminals offer anonymous mobile numbers for ‘SMS activation’, video tape the destruction of the SIM card on request
08. Yet another ‘malware-infected hosts as anonymization stepping stones’ service offering access to hundreds of compromised hosts spotted in the wild
09. Cybercriminals experiment with ‘Socks4/Socks5/HTTP’ malware-infected hosts based DIY DoS tool
10. Cybercriminals sell access to tens of thousands of malware-infected Russian hosts
11. Spamvertised “FDIC: Your business account” themed emails serve client-side exploits and malware
12. Cybercriminals experiment with Android compatible, Python-based SQL injecting releases
13. Newly launched E-shop offers access to hundreds of thousands of compromised accounts
14. DIY commercial CAPTCHA-solving automatic email account registration tool available on the underground market since 2008
15. Yet another subscription-based stealth Bitcoin mining tool spotted in the wild

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev’s blog. Follow him on Twitter.

Author: Dancho Danchev

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