Spam-friendly Image Randomization Tool Released on the Underground Marketplace

continue applying basic QA (Quality Assurance) processes, to their
fraudulent campaigns, on their way to achieve a posive ROI (Return on
Investment) out of their fraudulent activities.
this post, we’ll discuss a newly launched commercial tool, that’s
capable of generating unique images, for the purpose of tricking spam
filters, in an attempt to trick end users into falling victim into
the fraudulent campaign.

at $25, the API-enabled tool is capable of converting a regular
image, executed in a spam campaign, into a new one, successfully
bypassing spam filters, exposing end users to fraudulent attempts,
generating fraudulent revenue, for the
cybercriminals behind the campaign.
expect to continue observing an increase in QA (Quality Assurance)
driven underground market propositions, leading to a successful set of
fraudulent propositions, dominating the underground marketplace.
Author: Dancho Danchev

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