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An Excerpt – Chapter 01

The time has come to play a game. Sten quickly powered his 16-bit Pravetz PC 2MB RAM and a screen full of computer game choices quickly appeared prompting him to choose a game. While loading a relatively known game known as Scorch Sten decided to play two hours and then proceed with meeting his friends and start a discussion with his grandma. A huge fan of strategy games Sten decided that he didn’t have the time to dedicate to play his favorite game – Sid Meier’s Civilization and instead he figured that he would eventually play the game later throughout the day. Playing Scorch was quite an experience and he took a few hours of his precious learning time to interact with the game. He then decided to approach his best friend at the time and co-conspirator in the World of UFO’s the Soviet Union and computer games including the hacking Scene – George Kadiysky for two hours of extensive game play where we would strategize on how to best “approach” the Soviet Union in terms of invasion actively and carefully planning every move on our way to invade the Soviet Union and eventually all the surrounding countries. While I was busy preparing for our several hour game play George was supposed to be busy going through a CD which was basically a mirror of Packetstormsecurity in particular the E-Zine section so that we can prepare to have a conversation in terms of working out our technological and military strategy on our way to achieve global domination in the original Sid Meier’s Civilization. What we basically did in the beginning was to strategize and actually get a better view of the technology tree of the game and while I was busy moving the Empire along George was busy keeping notes on our way to keep track and advance out military strategy on a “first come first serve” basis.