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An Excerpt – Chapter 02

Provoked by the need to reach out to a vast network of computers known as the Internet – Sten quickly decided that the time has come to get connected – so that he decided to seek a proper connection provider in his local home-town. Back in the day the primary connection providers in the time were Bulgaria’s Digital Systems BIA Net and the country’s leading mobile connectivity provider – Mtel’s pre-paid dial-up cards. Times were different in terms of connectivity and DSL and ADSL were a dream come true in the face of corporate networks properly utilizing and using ISDN type of based connectivity. Keeping it simple – Sten decided to quickly acquire the necessary dial-up modem – which he would eventually fall in love with potentially reaching out to a vast network of computers known as the Internet using the help of a local dial-up provider known as Digital Systems. Back in the day – hourly based dial-up access meant think twice about what you do and how you do it online which means that I would have to basically prepare a plan for the things that I’ll do online including Web sites which I would have to visit including a set of emails which I would have to send to a set of people including friends and colleagues.