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It would be fairly easy to assume how things got complicated with Sten quickly obtaining access to Internet Relay Chat’s primary mIRC application including a variety of IRC-based “War Scripts” including a dozen of mail-bombers and various other ICQ-based type of Nukers and Flooders on his way to demonstrate a proper technical know-how to his friends and peers in the shady world of hacking. Among the first channels he tried to access were #hacker #hackers #hacking and the infamous #hackphreak on EFNet including to actually open several personal channels on the local IRC networks including #drugs #KGB and #linuxsecurity. At a later stage he actually managed to ask a friend for a possible operator status on the local town’s IRC channel where he was basically running a 24/7 online protection bot known as xploit including the active use of a Socks5 server which at the time was offered by his employer LockDownCorp where he was busy acting as Technical Collector of trojan horses/worms/viruses and VBS scripts for the purpose of improving the anti-trojan software’s signatures-based detection rates.