Historical OSINT – The Russian Business Network Says “Hi”

You know you’re popular when “they” say “hi”.

It’s 2009 and I’ve received a surprising personal email courtesy of guess who – The Russian Business Network showing off the actual ownership of the hxxp://rbnnetwork.com domain and basically saying “hi”. It’s worth pointing out that throughout 2008-2013 I’ve extensively profiled the activities including the customer activities of some of the most prolific customers and members of the infamous Russian Business Network also known as the RBN in the context of blackhat SEO iFrame and input validation abuse across major Web properties including malvertising and various other malware-serving and client-side exploits serving campaigns including money mule recruitment and phishing campaigns the ubiquitous at the time fake security software also known as scareware in a variety of post series.

It’s been a decade since I last profiled the most prolific and sophisticated market-leading bullet-proof hosting cybercrime enterprise – the Russian Business network which at the time was dominating the majority of campaigns that I was busy profiling with the help of fellow researchers to whom I owe a big deal of thanks for approaching me circa 2008-2013 namely Jart Armin and James McQuaid with whom I’ve been directly or indirectly keeping in touch throughout 2008-2013 for the purpose of offering quality research on the activities of the Russian Business Network including their customers and fraudulent and malicious campaigns.

Stay tuned and thanks for reaching out!

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Author: Dancho Danchev

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