Dancho Danchev’s Disappearance – 2010 – Official Complaint Against Republic of Bulgaria – Part Two

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This is a quick note on my current situation in my home town in Troyan Bulgaria where I was originally kidnapped and home molested by three police offers from the local police department who stole my ID from my place and with no witnesses escorted my and locked me in a room in another town for a period of several months and injected me on a daily basis without anyone’s knowledge and with no legal action and legal consequences from anyone including anyone from Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian name of people involved in my kidnapping and illegal arrest including robbery 5 years later that used to act as local police inspectors in Troyan Police, Bulgaria circa 2010:

  • Марин Моев Маринов
  • Павлин Стоянов Георгиев
  • Красимир Михов Колев
  • Тихомир Найденов Славков
  • Стефан Иванов Милев
  • Анатоли Пламенов Трифонов
  • Станимир Цочев Инковски
  • Иван Недялков Иванов
  • Мирослав Стойков Михайлов
  • Васил Моев Гачевски
  • Божидар Банков Петров
  • Веско Цветанов Минков
  • Момчил Стефанов Цочев
  • Минко Стоянов Минков
  • Георги Митков Илиев

Sample personal photo of my personal kidnapper circa 2010 from my place in Troyan, Bulgaria – Павлин Стоянов Георгиев (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005932519460):

Primary points of contacts in case someone is worried about well-being and whereabouts in this case should be:

Email: dans@dans.bg
Telefon za korupciq na slujiteli na MVR – 02 / 982 22 22
GDBOP – Signal za korupciq i izpirane na pari – gdbop@mvr.bg
Nachalnik RPU Troyan – rutr.lo@mvr.bg
Troyan Police – Email: police_troyan@abv.bg
Troyan Hospital – Email: mbal_troyan@abv.bg
Lovech Psychiatry Clinic – Email: dpblovech@abv.bg 
Troyan Municipality – Email: mail@troyan.bg

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