Deep from the Trenches in Bulgaria! – Part Three


Dear blog readers,
According to this article I was voluntarily taken into a psychiatric clinic in the town of Lovech Bulgaria in 2010 while in reality my place was vandalized and trashed including the fact that I was taken by force by three local police officers from the local police department in my hometown Troyan who illegally stole my personal ID from my place and a made a copy of it out of my place once again by force and with no witnesses and taken into a car where the final destination was unknown during the period of my travel and while I asked while I was still in my place who are you and can you show me your ID there was no answer as to where we were going and what was the reason.

Yet another comment from the article states that the Bulgarian Interior Ministry wasn’t aware of the case and that my parents did not file a kidnapping or missing person report while in reality both of my parents travel with me with the local police officers in another car where upon the travel finished I was asked to actually hand a copy of my personal ID under the presence of the same local police officers from my hometown Troyan who basically dragged me out of my place and showed my a copy of my stolen personal ID including a nurse who was present in the house back in 2010.
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Author: Dancho Danchev

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