Time to Say Goodbye!

Ho, Ho, Ho.

Merry Christmas or Christmas just came in earlier.

This is an official letter to all of my 5.6M readers since December, 2005 including an official letter to the U.S Security Industry including my current colleagues and friends from across the globe including the dark corners of the Web although there’s no such thing as a dark corner of the web just like there’s no such thing as free lunch including the fact that an OSINT conducted today is a tax payer’s dollar saved somewhere.

The big news is this is going to be the last post.

I wanted to say big thanks to everyone who’s been following my work even since I originally launched my personal blog back in December, 2005 and to my one and only employer in the world Webroot Inc. for hiring me and bringing me on board which basically resulted in a decent lifestyle for a period of several years including the renovation of my place.

What I’m left with after my retirement? A modest $150 social pension to take care of my mobile and Internet bills including some food which is a great advice for everyone involved in the field to know that it takes a bold man including a one-man show operation to take care of everything and then try to retire.

My advices for everyone in the industry include the following hots tips right and straight from the source:

– never fell victim into the “certificate crowd” myopia and the “more the merrier” mentality be yourself say everything and don’t forget to do everything and never take credit for what you’re doing and what you’ve been doing and always say cheers or hi to someone who says hi and cheers to your work and achievement

– don’t forget the U.S is secretly hiring security bloggers to jump in the Information Warfare front if there’s any which is naturally something that there is but only in case you know what you’re up to in terms of getting yourself dazzled and embraced by any of the virtual domain dimensions that you choose for your Information and Cyber Warfare purposes and goal achieving projects

Best wishes to everyone who made it happen. And in a surreal universe remember that “diamonds degrade their quality. Bulletproof hosting services courtesy of the RBN are forever. Grab a copy of memoir from here including from Cryptome.org and consider going thought my research portfolio throughout the years here and stay tuned for the Second Edition of my Cyber Intelligence memoir which will be published in Bulgarian and made available exclusively to Bulgarian readers who might be interested in catching up in terms of what I’ve been up to during the years.

Don’t forget if you ever need me for anything including a project that you want to work with me on including advice or just to say “hi” and thanks for all the hard work or anything in general feel free to drop me a line at dancho.danchev@hush.com which is my email address account which I check 24/7 and I’ll make sure to send back a proper response.
Yours sincerely not necessarily exclusively and don’t forget that although you know my name you should not necessary do your best to look up my “number”.
Author: Dancho Danchev

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