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An Excerpt – Chapter 01 The time has come to play a game. Sten quickly powered his 16-bit Pravetz PC 2MB RAM and a screen full of computer game choices quickly appeared prompting him to choose a game. While loading a relatively known game known …

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Enter the Bold World of Cyber Warfare!

– by Dancho Danchev

This books aims to detail the life and personal experiences of Bulgarian hacker Dancho Danchev throughout the 90s up to present time exclusively detailing the scene the way it used to be including a detailed experience and personal ramblings of the scene the way it used to be up to present day offering exclusive peek into the life of Bulgarian hacker Dancho Danchev within the underground and his experiences and personal archivements as a hacker enthusiast leading him to a successful career as the World’s leading expert in cybercrime fighting and threat intelligence gathering up to present day.

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